Finance for small businesses

This two-day course is aimed at small to medium sized business owners

Finance for small businesses

Course Overview:

This two-day course is aimed at small to medium sized business owners wishing to understand more about the accounting and financing of their businesses. 


Course Outline:

It covers essentials such as:


  • What the income statement, balance sheet and cashflow statement actually are, how they are put together and how you should read them
  • What the main key ratios mean, how to perform this analysis yourself, and how you can use it to gain much deeper insights into your business’s performance
  • What the primary sources of funding available to a small/medium business are, and the implications of using each type
  • The value of using an Excel-based financial model to forecast the future performance of your business, how to build one and how to use it to evaluate the impact of different future scenarios on profit and cashflow
  • How to prepare your business for sale, something that every business owner should always have in the back of their minds.

Course testimonials

“The course was well presented, the time flew past us and before we knew it the day had come to an end – thank you Simon!”

“Excellent class. Really enjoyed the practical examples with an engaging facilitator.”

“Simon made the class very praxtical. the action learning took place in class – very enjoyable class.”

“The best – I really enjoyed this course. The facilitator made it interesting and engaging.”

“Practical, enjoyable – I loved every part of it.”

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